Continuity of Services

AngelEyes Maternity Home Continuity of Services are available to support our clients that have successfully completed our program up until the child has reached two (2) years of age.  


Services Include the following:

  • Healthy Food Items 

  • Work Clothing Gift Cards 

  • Utility Assistance (Last resort, if all options are unsuccessful)

  • Infant/toddler Supplies

  • Home supplies 

  • Transportation -Gas cards/bus pass for employment/school 

  • School supplies



The primary goal of our career development program is to assist single mothers with continuing their education.    We strongly believe that higher education and training means more opportunities for single mothers.  Our Career Development Program will assist single mothers with attaining post-secondary education and skills associated with better jobs that pay family-supporting wages.

The Career Development Program consist of five (5) modules focusing on Career Exploration, Soft Skills, Hard Skills, Career Skills Enhancement, Financial Literacy and an optional six (6) module on Entrepreneurship. 


We are committed to encouraging long-term life changes.

AngelEyes “Preparing Single Mothers for the Future” by encouraging long-term life changes. 

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