STRTP Maternity Home

Our Short-term Residential Therapeutic (STRTP) Maternity Home is available to deliver a much-needed service to pregnant teens currently in the foster care system that are between the ages of 14-19..  


AngelEyes Maternity Home does not discriminate in its programs or activities on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, age, religion or religious creed, disability or handicap, sexual orientation or gender identity.  We recognize that the youth and non minor dependents’s in our programs come from all walks of life and have diverse experiences that have increased their need for supportive services including but not limited to loss, trauma, maltreatment, neglect, and sexual exploitation. 

Studies show that teens in foster care and those who have “aged out” are more likely to experience teenage pregnancy than their peers in the general population; repeat pregnancies by age nineteen (19) are also common.  Teen moms in foster care most likely did not have a reliable and trustworthy adult to confide in. Having an approachable and knowledgeable role model or adult in your life will greatly decrease the chances of teen pregnancy.    


Because most teen mothers don’t finish high school, they find that they can only apply for low-paying jobs, causing them to live in poverty and resort to government assistance. 


AngelEyes Maternity Home seeks to eradicate this cycle by providing a facility that will not only provide a safe homelike environment but also the tools need to help these young moms complete their education and continue on to pursue higher education and vocational skills thus increasing their opportunities for higher paying jobs that will help improve their economic situation. 


The vision of AngelEyes Maternity Home is to give teen moms and their babies the opportunities to succeed in life regardless of the negative adversities that may have influenced their early childhoods.

We are here to provide teen moms with the support they need to complete their education, the tools needed to increase their employability skills along with counseling,  academic support, mental support, spiritual support, and group discussions on the importance of education and how education and training leads to better jobs and increased wages.


Every new mom will have the opportunity to use their time spent at AngelEyes as a time for personal growth and learning. 

AngelEyes “Preparing Single Mothers for the Future” by encouraging long-term life changes. 

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